Monday, January 10, 2011

last leg

1/7/11 9:10 PM (Zurich time?)

We are somewhere over the ocean, but I'm not exactly sure how far out we are. We've been in the air for around four hours I think. I've taken a short nap, watched a movie and am in the middle of watching a second movie. By the time we make it back to Clinton we will have been traveling for around 40 hours. Fun stuff!I'm watching "the social network", about how mark zukerburg created Facebook. I found a quote interesting "Bosnia, they don't have roads but they have Facebook." it reminds me of Cameroon: they don't have running but they have Facebook.

11:00 PM

I've moves onto movie number three. It's eat pray love. Oh how I want to travel the world. Julia Roberts' character talks about needing to be unnerved and I feel that way. This trip stretched me so far outside of my comfort zone and I love it. It has me learn about the world around me and about myself. While in Italy she is having to heat up water and pour it into the bathtub to bathe, her version of the bucket baths we have become so accustomed to as of late.

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