Monday, January 17, 2011

I dream of Princeton

The deadline for Princeton is in 28 days. or if you prefer 681 hours. 40870 minutes. 2452190 seconds.
When I first started thinking about the possibility of seminary Princeton was at the top of my list. Other schools were added and taken off of the list throughout my research, but Princeton was the one school that always stayed on the list. I've talked to people over the years about Princeton and knew along that is was an amazing school. When I visited last semester I realized that I could truly see myself there. See myself on campus, in the dorms, in classes.
When Shelby was applying to college she tried picturing herself in college and every time she did she pictured herself at Champlain College (Burlington, VT) and when I picture myself in seminary, I picture myself at Princeton. I picture myself studying at a table, drinking tea, in the student center. I picture myself in classes, I picture myself in Chapel. When I picture Seminary, the only seminary I can picture is Princeton.
I've been working endlessly on my Princeton application and yet I am stuck. I had no problem with the question where I had to discuss a current theological issue/event. I wrote about amendment 10A and I'm confident in what I wrote. The part I am having a problem with is a part that previously would have been so easy for me. The autobiographical essay is killing me. I have never had problems writing about my faith. While it is immensely personal I suppose I have always been confident in my beliefs. That is not to say that I am not confident in my beliefs now, but something is blocking when I attempt to answer this question. I do not where to start and what aspects of my faith to explain. I have 28 days left to turn this application in, but I would like to finish it a lot sooner. I would like to have turned it in already but alas I am stuck.
I can picture myself at Princeton. I dream about Princeton. In my head I am formulating my summer around the summer language program. I want to be at Princeton, I need to find a way to unblock myself and finish this application!

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