Monday, January 10, 2011

Final countdown

1/5/11 11:20 PM

In twenty four hours I will be sitting on an airplane, waiting for it to take off. I do not want to leave! Field Ed option maybe?

Today was a fabulous way to end this trip. Ma took me to the church and Cindy and Shelby were there waiting. Cindy hadn't eaten breakfast so we all went back to Ma's house and she fed Cindy. We went back to the church and waited some more for David. When David arrived, the four white people got into the hotel van with the driver and Divine. Divine is a member of the church and has been videotaping us the entire time. It's like being famous.

The driver dropped us off at Presbook. This is the Presbyterian run book store. I think we were hoping for like worship resources or something similar but mainly they had the textbooks for the Presbyterian schools. David picked up a new bible, Shelby and I got daily lectionaries and Cindy got the Presbyterian church in Cameroon version of the book of common services. From there we went to prescraft. This is a handicraft store that has amazing things in it. Pottery, jewelry, masks, baskets, knives, all sorts of amazing handmade items. I got a chalice with a cross, Α and Ω on the front. The group said I need it for when I become a pastor. Next was Prescafe. Cindy, Dave and shelby all got cappuccino but I ordered a glass of folery juice. It looks like wine but tastes like an odd mix of fruits. Sort of has a vanilla hint in it as well. Once we were done resting we walked down the street to the central market.

It was the same market I went to with Ma but we stuck to the fabric and dress section. There's so many amazing colors and prints and fabrics. The dresses are pieces of art. Cindy got a dress for each of her step daughters, Shelby bought a shirt for Scott, a shirt for herself and two different fabrics that can be made into things. There was a fabric with a rooster and hens and when we saw it dave had to buy it. Pastor Julius has been referring to David as the cock among the hens because he's the only guy. The fabric was a message from god:)

After the market we took a taxi back to the church. For us it was so much but we realize that for anyone who lives in Bamenda it's no big deal. We had six people in the taxi and we had to flag it down so it was fun for us. From the church we went to Ma's house where she fed us all lunch. Then it was back to the manse for a little while. I went back to Shelby's host house to see where they lived. It's a beautiful two story compound. Very ritzy for Bamenda.

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