Monday, January 10, 2011

Poor David

1/7/11 11:30 Am.

I sort of feel bad for David. He's traveling across the world with three women. He's a gay guy who hasn't dealt with women in years so he is totally weirded out when female topics come up. We try to be delicate and make things less awkward but it doesn't really work. He was brought along to the airport pharmacy when supplies needed to be purchase, but he went unto another store when Cindy went in. We have a twelve hour layover in Zurich so we've been wandering around the airport. He's accompanied us on shopping trips and been a great sport.

Cindy just went to buy a new pair of pants and then to take a shower so we are hanging out in some chairs. For being such a huge international airport, this airport doesn't seem very busy. We left our terminal and went to another so we could go to stores, so now we have Zurich stamped onto our passports. People walking through the airport are wearing winter jackets and it reminds me how odd it's going to be landing in Boston after spending time in Africa.

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