Monday, January 10, 2011

almost over

1/4/11 10:53 PM
So apparently there isn't enough time left to get my hair braided (or as Ma calls it plaited). This makes me sad but it's true. Tomorrow is our last day in Bamenda. Thursday morning we drive down to Douala and wait at the airport for our flight to Zurich. Not that we actually know how we are getting to Douala. I'm wearing shorts on Thursday and changing in Zurich. There is no way I am wearing pants in Douala again!

Everyone wants us to stay longer. I absolutely want to come back. The people here are fantastic and would kill me dead if I don't return. I love my host mom. I want to stay in contact with her, she's just so amazing. When I get married, she is so invited. Which reminds me I want to ask about traditional Cameroonian bridal dresses. All of the other clothes are art, I can only image a dress of that magnitude. I want Cameroonian dresses for my wedding, it is decided!

Tomorrow I have to be at the manse at eight in the morning, which Ma thinks is Crazy. We are going to the Presbyterian bookstore and handicraft store. We also have dinner with all the hosts and elders tomorrow night. I'm not sure what else is scheduled but Ma really wants to take me to her village too. It's going to be exciting regardless.

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