Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have finally convinced my fellow session members to take a serious look at converting the church over to solar power. I am responsible for doing the research and present the facts and figures at our next session meeting. Our boiler needs replacing and we wanted to explore different options. I think solar would be eco-friendly and financially beneficial. Off to do research...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Summer

This summer is going to be a jampacked one and I want to fill it with even more things.

so far on my plate is: The World Communion of Reformed Churches. June 12-28. Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am so excited because I get to meet people from other churches in the USA and also people from around the world. We are all Christians of different denominations within the reformed faith. I am going to learn so much and meet so many great people. I cannot wait! It is at Calvin College which means I will also get to check out the Seminary while I am there.

Then In July I head to Indiana. I am going to the Presbyterian Youth Triennium at Purdue University as a member of the work crew. I get to help out with anything that the leaders of PYT need. I get to hang out with different PCUSA and cumberland people from all over the country. When I was at Synod in October, Byron Wade (vice-moderator of the PCUSA) and Andy James ( a pastor in NYC Presbytery) both said they will be I am pumped. THe group from Boston Presbytery will be flying from Boston to Indianapolis and then taking a shuttle from Indianapolis to Purdue. July 20-24.

August- the second week of August I'm spending at Camp Wilmot volunteering at Challenger's camp. This week is probably the highlight of my year. I get to spend a week working with mentally challenged adults in the woods doing all kinds of fun things. And the other people I work with are amazing and fantastic as well. I can truly see the face of God in every single one of the campers.

That's what I have planned so far. I want to add more things though. I would love to attend General Assembly but I don't see that happening this year unfortunatly :'( It is the summer before my senior year of college. I want to get as much amazing things into this summer as possible. I want to add more presby things, more conferences, more events. I want to spend more time in the woods. more time learning things. more time camping. more time on a river. I want to do so much this summer!

Big Tent

I went to Big Tent back in June. It was an amazing experience. Mostly the emotion to discibe it was overwhelming. There was so much happening and so many people. I didn't know anyone there so I felt lost.

I went to a workshop on evangelism with Eric Hooey. I meant Bruce Reyes-Chow and attended his social media workshop. The workshop with Bruce was one of my favorite but I also enjoyed the workshop put on by Katie Holmes from the Environmental minitry office. I learned so much in that workshop. We were given a couple different resources that I still have. I learned so much that I would love to utilize. Unfortunatly our church is on the poorer side financially and therefore Solar panels aren't likely to happen in the near future. Once I get my own house I 100% plan to use what I learned.

I really want to get more involved with environmental issues. Unfortunatly the people on my campus don't really seem to care about anything involving the environment so that resource that people would ordinarily have is out. So I left to find my own ways to get involved...

I wish

There are so many things that I wish I could have been involved in when I was younger. The biggest thing is scouts. I have been "adopted" by the scouting family. What does that mean?

My boyfriend, David, is an Eagle scout. His sister is a girl scout. His mother is a girl scout and a BOY SCOUT. She was a scout master and therefore became a boy scout. His father: a boy scout (Eagle Scout) and a girl scout. They come from a line of scouts. Grandfather & uncle are eagle scouts and on and on and on. You get the idea?

I was allowed to be a girl scout for a few months and then that stopped. I'm not 100% sure why. Probably because of money. No one ever tells me anything. but I digress...

I love the camping and the working for patches and all the things that scouts consist of.

I wish I had been more involved with things that interest me. I have recently learned about different programs like teen wilderness adventures etc that I would hav loved to be involved with.

Friday, February 26, 2010

so confused

I've been keeping a journal on my computer and decided to post it as a blog here goes (the first few arent actually written today)...

I apparently am an expert at confusion. I am currently a Junior in college. My junior year is almost over and yet I feel so confused. I feel like I should have stuff figured out by now.

I know I want to go to Seminary. I know I want to get ordained. but I think that that is all I know.

For the longest time I wanted to do camping ministry. Not too long ago if asked, I said I wanted to be the Female Rob Mark. For those that don't know, Rob Mark is the former Camp Director of Camp Wilmot (Wilmot, NH). Super guy, amazing director, and knows everything environmental. Camp has played such a huge role in my life and in my faith journey. I love camp, I love camping, I love learning about nature, teaching about nature, being in nature and working with kids.

But lately I have been thinking about it and maybe I am not supposed to be headed down that path. I've been thinking about it a lot and chaplaincy has been piquing my interest. We will see what the road brings...