Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Tent

I went to Big Tent back in June. It was an amazing experience. Mostly the emotion to discibe it was overwhelming. There was so much happening and so many people. I didn't know anyone there so I felt lost.

I went to a workshop on evangelism with Eric Hooey. I meant Bruce Reyes-Chow and attended his social media workshop. The workshop with Bruce was one of my favorite but I also enjoyed the workshop put on by Katie Holmes from the Environmental minitry office. I learned so much in that workshop. We were given a couple different resources that I still have. I learned so much that I would love to utilize. Unfortunatly our church is on the poorer side financially and therefore Solar panels aren't likely to happen in the near future. Once I get my own house I 100% plan to use what I learned.

I really want to get more involved with environmental issues. Unfortunatly the people on my campus don't really seem to care about anything involving the environment so that resource that people would ordinarily have is out. So I left to find my own ways to get involved...

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