Friday, August 6, 2010

decisions, decisions, decisions


So I just got off the phone with Liberty University working things out.
These are the things I know

Liberty University (Online)

I wouldn't have to pay anything up front -Pro

In fact I would get a refund back after loans are processed -pro

I would be able to take a full course load -pro

It would be like a third of the cost of auc. -pro

I wouldnt be enrolled at AUC (so no yearbook etc) -con

I can work a lot! -pro

Don't have to worry about missing classes to go visit perspective seminaries -pro

Have to make an effort to contact professors -con

save money- pro

paying rent -con

can take an intensive (weekend class) and see Ryan+Kayleigh+Mercy- pro

for AUC:

I was told that it would be a good idea to explain the situation to the VP of enrollment (apparently he can help).
He replied to my email and said that he would try to take a look at stuff on Monday

As of right now I still have to pay that $1100 by the 20th.

financial aid is playing stupid about a scholarship that I am supposed to recieve.

friends- pro

live in dorm- pro/con

yearbook, banquets, activities- pro

no dealing with drunk freshman/ screaming in the halls at 1 am/ girls next door singing (or strangling a cat) at 1 am -pro!

easier to explain one sem. applicaitons- pro

professor and staff fleeing like their asses are on fire- con

part of my aid is work study and with off-campus work + classses + other commitments I dont know when i'd find time- con

thoughts? Advice please!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This summer has been a series of panicing!

1) Atlantic Union College has lost it's accreditation. PANIC!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH AHHHHHH WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?
2) It's okay I got it! I'll apply to a few schools.
3) PANIC!!! that means going far away! That means losing my job! AHHHHH!!!!!
4) Nope it's all good! I'll finish my degree online and I can work during the day. Yay!
5) Crap! I need somewhere to live!!!! AHHHHH I can't afford any of the apartments around here
6) Wait...Washignton Adventist University said they will cover us for the year. so If AUC doesn't win the appeal my degree will just come from WAU, but I keep taking classes at AUC and live in the dorm. well sigh of relief!
7) WHAT??? all of the head of financial aid have left? Financial aid is being run by someone who graduated in may? That cannot be good! They are smart and getting out while they can aren't they??
8) EXCUSE ME????????? I owe $2400? I need to pay $1100 in order ro register for the fall semester! Where do you suggest I find that money?
9) Dr. Roberts left? What do you mean? Dr. Trott might be leaving? Dr. Trott? Like DR TROTT???? okay, well, um... let the panick attack begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10) How am I gonna come up with $1100 by teh deadline? I can't! More loans? I don't have good credit! AHH
11) contracted teachers aren't coming back. Wait that doesn't affect me. No, but it means they are getting rid of more and more. Oh, not a good sign!
12) Inbox message: Remember the deadline for registration at liberty University is August 11th! Sigh of relief? cause of panic? does it matter?
13) WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????/


I have come to realize that I am not very good at keeping up with blogging during the summer. And for that I apologize.

My Summer:
May: End of school, finals, bestfriends getting engaged, working, cleaning etc.
June: Shelby's graduation, World Communion of Reformed Churches
July: Working, Triennium, working, a visit to Wilmot
August: working, a series of movie nights, three year anniversary, Challenger's camp, starting school somewhere...