Friday, August 6, 2010

decisions, decisions, decisions


So I just got off the phone with Liberty University working things out.
These are the things I know

Liberty University (Online)

I wouldn't have to pay anything up front -Pro

In fact I would get a refund back after loans are processed -pro

I would be able to take a full course load -pro

It would be like a third of the cost of auc. -pro

I wouldnt be enrolled at AUC (so no yearbook etc) -con

I can work a lot! -pro

Don't have to worry about missing classes to go visit perspective seminaries -pro

Have to make an effort to contact professors -con

save money- pro

paying rent -con

can take an intensive (weekend class) and see Ryan+Kayleigh+Mercy- pro

for AUC:

I was told that it would be a good idea to explain the situation to the VP of enrollment (apparently he can help).
He replied to my email and said that he would try to take a look at stuff on Monday

As of right now I still have to pay that $1100 by the 20th.

financial aid is playing stupid about a scholarship that I am supposed to recieve.

friends- pro

live in dorm- pro/con

yearbook, banquets, activities- pro

no dealing with drunk freshman/ screaming in the halls at 1 am/ girls next door singing (or strangling a cat) at 1 am -pro!

easier to explain one sem. applicaitons- pro

professor and staff fleeing like their asses are on fire- con

part of my aid is work study and with off-campus work + classses + other commitments I dont know when i'd find time- con

thoughts? Advice please!

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