Friday, October 22, 2010


Wow, I haven't blogged in quite some time. I apologize! No really, I am sorry.

It appears that I have periods of intense blogging and then I forget about it for a few months and then I come back.

Well this is me coming back. Hopefully I remember to stick with it.

When we last joined the Presbygeek she was debating whether to go to Liberty University or stay at Atlantic Union College. (enough of the third person, sorry) So I ended up deciding to stay at Atlantic Union College. They recieved accreditation through July, which works out for me because I graduate in May. May 15th to be exact. Put it on your calendars!

In the past two months since I've blogged:
  • Started my Senior year of college
  • gave up on learning...that sounds really bad, let me explain: I have reached a place where I feel that my college is no longer teaching me things. I am sick of having peopel try to convert me and I am sick of people looking down on my theological ideals. But I graduate in May so I need to stick it out. And I need to bring my GPA up (or at least keep it where it is) in order to get into seminary!
  • I started seriously taking a look at which Semianry I want to attend
  • Served as the one YAD at the Synod of the Northeast's synod assembly. There will be a whole blog post on that!
  • got appointed to the Synod Council Committee on Grants
  • Got an iphone (silly detail but it has made life easier) which I believe should be the official cellphone of the PCUSA.
  • started planning a Northeast PCUSA Youth event (more to come on that)
  • continued working on fundraising for the Trip to Cameroon
  • attended Presbytery meetings (gave a report on Triennium)
  • attended session meetings

what else??? Ohhhhhhh, and I got endorsed by my Presbytery to enroll as an inquirer!!!!!!!

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