Monday, January 10, 2011

Cameroon #2

11/28/10 1:32 Am
Oh my Douala!
It is 1:15 and Shelby and I just got settled in our hotel room. Shelbs is currently using our very interesting shower. We arrived in Douala and immediately the heat and humidity hit us. We were expecting heat but we were under the impression it's a dry heat here. As we walked out an airport official greeted us and lead us though customs. He is Joseph's younger brother. Getting our bags was Crazy!!!! Hundreds of people pushing and shoving. It was scary. Once outside we stuck in Patience and Joseph. We were loaded into cars after wading through the masses. David managed to get scammed out of $200. Still not entirely sure how that happened. In our car was myself, Shelbs, Cindy, Patience and a cousin (?) named Jerry, he was our driver. The roads in Douala are psycho. I could never live in Douala. There aren't really lines on the streets and when there are, people ignore them. So people sort of drive at each other...thought we were gonna die! On top of that a lot of roads are dirt and have huge bumps and ruts so it makes it very fun. There are motorbikes everywhere!!!!! People ride in between cars and people and don't pay attention. They also don't wear helmets and ride with like 3 people on the bike.

We went to one or Joseph's siblings home and had dinner. It was fabulous but it feels weird always going first and getting "the cream of the crop" we want to be sharing. We want to experience things that they experience. Well day oneish is over. 9:30 is the start of day two and I need sleep. I got a grand total of like 2 hours of sleep since Monday at 9:00 am. Zzzzz

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