Monday, January 10, 2011

leaving on a jetplane

1/6/11 8:00 AM

My bag is packed. My carry on is packed. Once we all get to the church we will have to rearrange things to fit other things in our bags. Ma has a whole bag of stuff she wants me to send to her son in Texas. I have to talk to Cindy about that. I'm not too sure what we can take into the country. I've made a list of stuff I've bought/received to make declaring things at customs easier: a palm broom, a necklace, a bracelet, two dresses, a bag, a chalice, and a wooden bowl. Half of those gifts were given to me last night at our send off party. We gathered with the pastor, all of the elders, and our hosts for dinner and celebrations. The wine (both grape and palm) were flowing as was the beer and soda. There was a great feast prepared. The church presented Shelby, Cindy and I with amazing dresses and Dave received a matching shirt. The are so beautiful! Ma designed them and they all fit perfectly. We will wear them to church on Sunday. Erica came to say goodbye and gave both Shelby and I matching necklaces and gave each of us a bracelet. My bracelet is beaded and has my name beaded into it. With our dresses we were also given bags (from Prescraft) that say greetings from Cameroon. The church embroidered them with "PC Musang" on the bottom. They also gave us wooden bowls with loaves and fish burned into them. Everything was so beautiful and so generous.

Two million pictures were taken of us an with us last night. I an certain more will be taken today. When we gather at the church some people will be there to say goodbye. The chairlady (their equivalent to the clerk of session) will go with us to Douala to make sure we get to the airport and see us off. Our time here has been so amazing and I do not want it to end.

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