Monday, January 10, 2011

Pig leg

1/3/11 10:44 Am
Breakfast this morning was pepper soup, yam, and meat. I ate goat meat and they gave me pork. It wasn't just was a pig leg, skin and everything. That was hard to do. I also had a fruit called pawpaw. Emelia decided not to wake me up this morning for the prayer meeting. I was glad because I was sound asleep at 5:30.

Erica washed the car and we talked about the differences in education in our countries. Derek had breakfast with us and asked all about my time here. He is studying in Amsterdam so he has a different perspective. He wants to skype when I get back home.Emelia went to a funeral and Erica and I stayed at the house and have been watching American music videos. She has so many of them on a DVD. She is obsessed with American music. I plan to send her some stuff once I get back to the states. Soon we will walk up to the church to meet the rest of the group. I think she's planning to show me around on our way there. People are fascinated by the color of my skin, when we go places people point and say things like "white" or "white man". It's so interesting.

When we meet at the manse we will go to Fru Ndi's house for lunch. Fru Ndi is Cindy's next house. That shall be interesting: spending three days living with the leader of the oppositional party. I enjoy when they start talking politics and theology. We shall see what today's conversation will entail.

I'm sort of nervous about going to the next house. I'm just now getting use to this house. It's hard to get used to so many changes all at once. Shelby was near tears last night and I was yesterday afternoon. A change in time, place, people, culture, language, food, climate, experiences, even our bodies are changing. It's all at the same time and its scary, confusing and a whole slew of other sentiments.

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