Monday, January 10, 2011

Last Day

1/5/11 8:00 AM
Whoa! Today is my last day in Bamenda. We've been here for five days and it has gone by so fast. I'm not ready for it to end. Tomorrow around 9:00 AM we will meet to head to Douala. Our plane will take off from Douala at 11:40 PM and we will have to sat goodbye to Cameroon.

Spending time here and seeing how people live has made me want to reexamine some things in my life when we get home. We have seen different levels of society in our tine in Cameroon. In Nkikoh homes did not have electricity or running water. Here in Bamenda homes have electricity. The house I am currently staying in has Internet but no running water. We've been to Fru Ndi's compound which is amazing and to the royal palace in Bafut.

When I next come to Cameroon (and I hope there will be a next time) I will pack very differently. I will absolutely not pack anything white...the dust turns it red. I don't need long sleeve shirts, a sweatshirt does just fine. It us not as hot as they made it out to br so I can reduce the number of things I brought to wear. I will have business cards with all if my info on them because everyone wants our addresses, emails, and even Facebook. I will bring things like chewing gum for all the kids fascinated by my skin. Though it's a pain I will use a suitcase instead of my bag because it is hard to take clothes out of the bag. I will also bring an extra bag for the things I bring back.

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