Saturday, February 5, 2011

United States Army

Om nom nom, nom nom nom

Filling up on the chocolate and bad for you foods tonight and tomorrow. After tomorrow's super bowl extravaganza I am completely changing my lifestyle. No junk food, cutting down the soda, limiting sugar intake, counting calories, working out every get the picture.

In addition to wanting to look better (yes I can be vain) I have other reasons for the change. I have decided that I want to join the Army. The United States Army has the Chaplain Candidate Program and I think it sounds good. You train to be an Army Chaplain throughout seminary during summers and winters, they help pay for seminary and you are a reserve chaplain for two years after seminary.

Many different people have been pointing me towards this. My Pastor did this with the Navy when she was in seminary. When my grandmother died we had a get together at a cousin's house. One of my father's cousins was telling me about what the Navy has to offer and how I should consider joining as a chaplain. David's uncle is a Colonel in the Army and his aunt is a Lt. Colonel.  They are career military and seem to have benefited from it. I am not saying that I plan on being career military, but the benefits of becoming a chaplain candidate is great. Tuition, housing allowance, and health are just a few benefits. There is also the serving my country and working with soldiers.

I have been considering it for some time. When I was in Cameroon during break and had the experience with the dying woman it solidified my desire. I want to be there for families while their loved ones are deployed, I want to be there for soldiers when they come back from war, and while it frightens me part of me wants to be with deployed soldiers.

Right now I cannot pass the physical aspect of the entrance requirements. That is one of the biggest reasons for the wanting to change my lifestyle. I want to lower my BMI, I want to become physically fit, I want to be able to meet the requirements to becoming a Unites States Army Chaplain Candidate. I have not told many people yet, the general reaction at first has been laughter. Apparently the liberal who is against war cannot also desire to serve her country and help our soldiers. I was against us invading Iraq, but I am 100% in support of our troops. So yes, the super liberal wants to join the army and I am going to change my entire lifestyle, starting Monday morning, to do so.

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