Friday, February 18, 2011

Senior Class Meeting

Oh the string of expletives I would like to use...but alas I shall keep this rant as PG as I can. Why am I so annoyed you may be asking. It isn't merely annoyed, there is frustration tinted with anger and thrown into a blender with a bit of disbelief. Between my senior class meeting this morning and my encounter with the assistant Dean today I want to rip my hair out.

Let's start with the Senior class meeting. Ordinarily, Commencement ceremonies start at 10:00 AM. Well, the class of 2011 doesn't actually want to wake up that early, so the May 2011 graduation will be at 11:00. Seriously people? Most of you have classes earlier than that during the semester! That means it will overlap with the lunch time hour which will mess up the planning of celebrations. You're parents have to drive from New York? Leave early or come up the night before and stay in a hotel. Parents have been doing it for YEARS!! Additionally, if it is hot out and we get to have it outside we will be in our shiny black graduation gown under the hot sun at noon, not very smart. Graduation has always been at 10, let's just leave it there. Time to rework the invitations!

Hey class of 2011, is it possible to agree on anything? We want a DJ, no we want a band. Well let's argue about it, take 20 votes, and still not have a real agreement. That sounds like a phenomenal idea. Those of you who won't come to the events any ways do not suggest things. You suggest things, we make changes, you still don't come. So silence! Hey if you are a senior but aren't graduating...same thing applies to you. And everyone who is suggesting things, here's a tip: let's turn that filter on in our brains and think about what you are suggesting before it comes out of your mouth.

  • The suggestion of meat at banquet- okay, that might be approved, maybe
  • The suggested of wine at banquet- highly unlikely
  • The open bar suggestion- Do you realize that you are graduating from a super conservative school? where have you spent your time because clearly you have not been paying attention to which college you are going to! What is wrong with you? As much as many of us would appreciate an open bar to get through all of the time we will be spending together, that is not going to happen!
  • The suggestion of strippers- Sit down and Shut up! stop wasting our time. You knew before you opened your mouth what the response would be. Go climb a tree, you are safer there than in this room with us.

 85 days until graduation. I need to make an actual countdown and put it up somewhere on campus.

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