Thursday, February 10, 2011

Masters of Divinity and Juris Doctor

As you know, figuring out what to do with my life has been a huge issue right now. Luckily I have earned that some of my friends are having similar but not as extreme sentiments as myself. I received some interesting advice today  but let's do an overview.

Things I know:

  • I want my Masters of Divinity
  • I want to be ordained
  • I do not see myself as a Pastor in the pulpit every Sunday
  • I want to work for ecumenism
  • I want to strengthened Christian/Muslim relations
  • I want to stand up for the oppressed
  • I want to be a voice for the voiceless
  • I want to end social inequalities
  • I want to fight for equal rights for all
  • I care about hunger, same-sex marriage, gay rights, gender rights, the environment and other associated topics

Okay, now that we've covered the things I know, let's get back to the question: what am I doing with my life. I want to accomplish so many things but I do not know how. As of late I have been feeling that simply going to seminary and getting an M.Div is not enough, and if I just did that, what would I do after graduation? One of my friends, when I told her that I want to stand up for the oppressed and want to been an advocate for those that can't fight for themselves, she told me to study social work. I don't think that is what I want to do. Social workers are needed and they often do serve as advocates for their cases but social workers don't get anywhere near gay right and ecumenism and the other things that I have on my heart and in my conscious.

When I was explaining all of this to my boss today I told her that I was getting frustrated trying to figure this out. She looked at me and said one word: LAW. In her opinion, I should study law in conjunction with theology. Honestly it makes sense. I can learn to advocate for people, I can go to bat for people. I can fight for the cause. I started thinking about it. I could work for an organization like The Human Rights Campaign, or one of our amazing Presbyterian organization. Rev. Jean Southard appeared before the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Committee to face charges and I could defend people when things like that happen. I can combine my interest in Ecumenism and interfaith relationships with a knowledge of law and help in diplomatic issues.

Sure, I am being idealistic now. I am imagining all of the possibilities. Yes, I know that most of them won't happen but I would rather be overly optimistic than be the pessimist that I have been lately. So no longer am I plotting which street corner to take up residence on in my new life as a hobo, but rather I am starting to research seminaries that offer dual degrees (Masters of Divinity and Juris Doctor). Things are looking up!

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