Sunday, March 14, 2010


Death is such a hard topic to deal with. In my Pastoral Care and Counseling class one of the topics we have to learn how to help parishioners and other with is death. I think it it easier to help others than deal with it in your own life.

2 years ago my Dad died. It was one of the hardest things I have been faced with. He was diagnosed with Lung cancer December 5 and then January 7, he was gone. It was so hard to see the rock of my life fade away to nothing and then just dissapear all together. There are still points randomly that I am struck with so much sadness. When I saw 27 dressed I cried afterwards because I will never have the moment where my dad walks me down the aisle.

This morning my paternal grandmother died. Apparently she had been battling Lung Cancer for a while and kept it to herself. I know Rosie has always been strong but why did she keep it to herself? When she had colon cancer a while back she shared that. why not this?

All I can keep thinking is why? why take Rosie? why the same thing as dad? why 2 years after dad? I know God has a plan and he doesn't share the playbook all the time but Why?

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