Monday, April 4, 2011

Purple for Graduation

A few weeks ago, there was a group of students visiting from a high school in Canada. It was my job to give them a tour of the campus. When my boss was introducing me to the students and their chaperones she introduced me as “the cause person on campus”. She explained to them that I am always working on a different cause. At first, I was a little bit offended. Is that what I want to be known as? When I leave this college do I want people to remember me as the cause girl? After reflecting on it, I realized that I have no problem with people knowing me as the cause person. I am passionate about improving the world we live in and whether it is by collecting supplies to send to Haiti, organizing a 30-Hour Famine, putting on a TOMs One Day Without Shoes or something else, at least I am facilitating change.

Well school is almost over. Graduation is pretty soon. It is going to be great. My friends will be there and so will some family members. However, my Dad will not be and that really sucks. It has been three years since he passed away. It hurts to know that he will not be able to be here to see me graduate. My Nana Rosie will not be there either. It has been a year since she passed. I was pondering this the other day…thinking about how much it blows that they will not be there, thinking how much I wish they could see me, thinking how much I wish they would be with me on that day.

The gerbils that live in my mind are really random. They enjoy going off on their own little paths, and they tend to not agree with path to go down, so I have gerbils running in every direction making my thought patterns do the same. When I was reflecting on my dad and my Nana one of the smarter gerbils apparently won the fight for where my attention would go and a little thought popped into my head. And this, lead me to My Graduation Goal. If I can raise $500 by May 15th I will dye my hair Purple for Graduation. Purple? Why Purple? Purple is the color that the American Cancer Society uses for Cancer Awareness. Both My dad and my Nana were colon cancer survivors but then passed due to lung cancer. Many others in my life are either Cancer survivors or currently battling Cancer.

As I have said before I go to a pretty conservative Christian college. There are a great many of rules, some of them are expected because it is a Christian school, some are unique to their denomination, and others are just plain silly. No alcohol…well okay, it is a Christian school, a lot of Christian schools ban alcohol…I can understand it. No Jewelry…hmm, well that is tougher but for the most part, I will follow it. I am not removing my cross in class but I will not wear huge earring deal? No unnatural hair colors? Wait a second, seriously? If my hair is a color that does not occur naturally, I can lose my job? Unfortunately, they are not kidding. If I were to dye my hair green, pink, or any other unnatural color, I could lose my job.

Therefore, if (hopefully WHEN) I reach my goal of $500 you will not see it until the graduation ceremony. Please help me reach and exceed my goal by going to my Fundraising Site to donate!

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