Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do NOT Pick A Topic You Care About

I have recently come to the conclusion that if you simply want to hurry up and be done with the semester. If you just want to write a paper, get a good grade, and be done. If you just want to breeze through the topic, DO NOT pick a topic that you actually care about. If you pick a topic that is of great interest to you, you want to give it your all. Instead of simply writing a paper and being done with it (which is where I am in most of my classes) you will give 150% effort. You analyze every aspect of it. You will write, delete, rewrite, delete, and rewrite. Instead of writing a ten page paper in one night, which is what you would ordinarily do, you will spend weeks researching, and trying to track down random and obscure references so that you paper will be perfect. Even after you come to the glaringly obvious realization that your professor does not give a rats ass about your topic, that most of your classmates think you are the anti-Christ, and when you present your paper they will be preparing the rocks to through at you, you still put your everything into it.

To be perfectly honest I disagree with what I just said. While I am spending weeks working on this paper, and if I had just picked a topic that I didn't care about all of the work for this class would have been done weeks ago, I am glad I picked this topic. While my professor and the vast majority of my classmates think I am headed to hell for the topic of my paper and that I am actually "trying to lead them away from Christ" by not condemning homosexuality I am glad I picked it. Yes, it is a topic I care about and if one student listens then yay, if not, I stood for what I believe in.

At this point I have gathered my sources: a great number of articles, books, websites, emails, and bible passages. I have begun to write the paper, and then deleted it so time to start over.

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