Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Graduation Dilemma

I have a plan. I graduate from College on May 15th. I start Princeton's Summer Language Program July 11. It's a two step plan. It should be pretty easy to follow. Or at least, that's what I thought. Turns out that the path to graduation is much more complicated than that. I should have known better, nothing is easy when it comes to me.

I received a letter from the registrar's office informing me that I will not be graduating in May...because I am twelve credits short. My department (Religion/Theology) is notorious for messing up students schedules. They neglect to inform students that you MUST take 16 credits every semester in order to graduate on time. Oh, and if you are a transfer student, good luck. Not all of your credits will transfer in as they are supposed to, even if you are transferring from a higher caliber school. So here I am 45 days until graduation

I'm working on my regular course load and now I've added twelve online credits. I am taking the online classes through another school because my college does not offer online classes. I actually only have 36 days to get all of the online work done. All transfer credits are due May 6th. So I have 36 days to get 12 credits worth of work done. I woke up at 3:30 AM to get work done today. Good bye social life. Good bye procrastination. Good bye weekend plans. Good bye any thoughts of fun stuff. Hello homework. Hello papers. Hello readings. Hello assignments. Hello caffeine. Hello sugar. Good bye sleep. Hello exhaustion.

I have decided that I can collapse due to exhaustion on May 16th. I can sleep for 48 hours straight starting the evening of May 15th if that is what it takes but I need to graduate May 15th. So any suggestions for energy and the ability to cram lots of work into a small amount of time would be greatly appreciated. Princeton's Summer Language Program starts July 11th and AUC summer graduation isn't until July 15th, so that doesn't work. Which all comes back to I MUST graduate May 15th.

Prayers are more than welcomed. Kind words are requested. Caffeine will be graciously accepted.

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  1. I recommend a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and peppermint tea with breakfast. It'll help you both stay awake and relaxed.