Monday, May 17, 2010


I had a much more creative title for this post but then my computer froze, I had to control alt del and now the creative title is gone from my brain as most things go.


I like weddings. If you know me personally this should be considered common knowledge to you. I like weddings a lot, and I always have. You know the movie Bride Wars, when it flashes back to the main characters as kids playing wedding dress-up? I would have been the one in the corner planning the pretend wedding. People (my boyfriend especially) make fun of me for my obsession with weddings. I would like to point out, however that I have liked (read been obsessed with) weddings long before there was an amazing guy in my life. I just really really like them.

Two of my favoritest people got engaged 8 days ago. Kayleigh and Ryan...YAY!!! We have all known for a while that this was going to happen! I am especially Happy of course because that means Yay wedding planning! Really guys it's like giving a drug addict coke! THANKS!!!!!!!! I am a fountain of wedding knowledge just waiting to share.

So Kayleigh (the Future Bride) and I were talking about weddingy type stuff and when we were talking last night she asked me why I was going into ministry instead of becoming a wedding planner. It would make sense for me to become a wedding planner right? I mean I Love weddings, I am good under other people's stress, I am good at calling people down and a mediating, and for some reason that's the only thing I can keep organize ;)

It only seems like a good idea. What I really really want to do is to be a wedding planner on the side. I want to go into ministry because it is where I feel called but I want to dabble in weddings as well. I would love to work at a bridal store or something similar while in seminary and then plan weddings on the side once I have a real job. The only thing is I have no idea how to get into that sort f thing. i have helped people plan weddings before and I have all this stuff in my head just waiting to create an amazing wedding. But how do I actually go about doing it????

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