Wednesday, May 12, 2010

summer productivity

I believe I wrote about this before (not 100% sure) but I have spoken to many people about my productivity for the summer. Aside from working my butt off and attending various church type conferences and events, I am hoping this will be a productive summer academically.

This summer I plan to do all of my researching of different Masters of Divinity programs, figure out which schools I am applying to and work on those applications. Also, I plan to study for and take the GRE. I think I will attempt my first try in July and see how I do. Additionally, I plan to complete and submit the application to become an inquirer with the Presbytery of Boston. Some of my friends who have gone through Seminary and some who have already been ordained told me that I should become an inquirer before starting seminary because once I start it will be hard to find the time to do it. Rev. Wayne Parrish, the executive presbyter of the Presbytery of Boston, asked me last year when I was going to do it so I figure if it would be a good idea to have that done by fall.

My fear is that I wont get accepted anywhere. My GPA is not good! I'm working on bringing it up but it is no at the caliber that some of these schools are at. I have lots of community service and stuff outside of the classroom and I am sure I can get great letters of reference. I think that I can bang out some pretty good essays as long as I have someone look at them and make corrections before I submit them. I'm going to attempt to get a good score on the GRE. It's my crappy GPA that scares me.

My number one choice was Harvard Divinity School. I'm still going to apply, but I don't see it happening in all actuality. I screwed around too much and have received too many Cs. :(

so far I am looking at:
  • Harvard Divinity School
  • Boston University School of Theology
  • Princeton Theological Seminary (I have to apply to a PCUSA school)
  • Bangor Theological Seminary
  • Andover-Newton Theological Seminary

I feel like there is one missing from the list but I can't remember which. People at school think I should apply to Andrews University Seminary because there is like a 98% chance I can get in.

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