Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have a dress!

Christmas break is great because everyone is home and we can spend time together. It's the only time everyone is together. So during break we went dress shopping! I went to David's Bridal with Jenn (future mom-in-law), Shelby (future sister-in-law), Amanda, Katie, and Brittny (3 of the bridesmaids). I tried on so many dresses that were nice. Some I hated. And then finally tried on the one I fell in love with. It was so much fun shopping with my ladies!
When i realized that this was the dress i sent pictures to my brother-in-law and sister. I put a deposit down on the dress and was told that I had 60 days to pay it off. Once it was paid off they would order it for me. When I went to spend time with my brother-in-law (John) and sister (Kacie) before heading back to school they had a surprise for me. John paid off my dress! So now my dress has been ordered and it arrives at the end of February! So excited! My brother-in-law is the best!

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