Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Poem

Day by day and meal after meal
I’m really not liking the way I feel
I need to concentrate on my summer Greek
But every day I feel so week

Weak, getting sick daily, don’t want to get out of bed
So, I decided it’s off to the doctor I head
Poking and prodding and then blood work
You have really bad veins so this will hurt

The phone rings and it’s the lab tech
You need to come back, there’s more to check
We go over the results and I start to get scared
“Thyroid and white blood cell count is off”, she declared

So more blood work and an ultrasound for good measure
Just tell me what to do so I can get better
Anemia and vitamin D deficient, okay that I can handle
No answers from the white Blood count hits me like an anvil

My hair is starting to fall out
I need answers beyond any doubt
My biggest fear is that it’s cancer
So would you please just give me a damn answer

I take a quiz but think of what else is going on
I think of my health instead of the gospel according to John
I hope the doctor will call me soon
Because my imagination is starting to balloon. 

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