Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coffee, Sleep, and Graduation!

The next eleven days of my life are going to be chaos. Tomorrow I have a computer class. I have to leave class early to go down to the high school that is affiliated with my college and talk about mission work during their chapel. After that, I will be working in the Admissions office because the head of the Admissions department at the school that is buying out my college will be on campus. I will also be working on assignments while working in the office. Shh don’t tell. Tomorrow evening I am running evening worship for the women’s dorm. I still have to figure out what my topic will be, perhaps something about how we are all unique.

I have until Friday to turn in all of my work for my course in Revelation. That is fifteen assignments. Luckily, they are only one page each, but nonetheless that is still a lot of work. I also have my Revelation final on Friday. That is going to be fun to fail. I am going to pull a college humor and draw a little picture at the end of the test begging for mercy. Highly doubt it will work but it is worth a try. My professor wants me to pass. He does not want to have to deal with me any longer than he already has. I think a lot of people will be happy when the crazy liberal Presbyterian is gone. They can go back to their happy conservative ways.

I have a few papers to write for my class on American Cinema, due on Tuesday. Luckily, once I take my Revelation final on Friday, I no longer need to attend class so I will spend that time Monday finishing assignments. I have presentation to give (on Tuesday), a Tennis final to take (on Tuesday) and a computer final to take (possibly also on Tuesday). Tuesday morning there is also a graduation rehearsal. This will be the first practice we have had for graduation and the first time we are truly being told anything about our graduation. I do not think I have anything on Wednesday, which would mean that my undergraduate education would be completed Tuesday evening.

The senior events start Thursday evening. Thursday evening is the Senior Banquet at an Italian restaurant in Millis. There is so much drama surrounding that event. Considering it is my last banquet and my last social event of college, I am hoping it turns out to be a relatively drama and stress free evening. I have friends that want to go out after the banquet Thursday. The banquet does not end until 12 AM and by the time we make it back to Lancaster it will be closer to 1 AM. As much as I want to celebrate, I think I will have to pass. Friday will be dedicated to baking a cake (I am making a graduation cake for my friend Alexander) and packing. Friday night is consecration. I am not entirely sure what this service is intended for. I am under the impression that it is pretty much the same thing as Baccalaureate. Saturday is going to be jam-packed. Saturday morning I am speaking during the regular church service (Adventists worship on Saturdays) about my mission trip to Cameroon. At 11:00 AM, we have our Baccalaureate service. Finally, at 4:00 PM there is the nurses’ pinning. While I am not required to attend this, I will go to support my friends. Saturday night I will be dying my hair purple.

Sunday, May 15, I will wake up in the morning and it will finally be the day I graduate from college. Graduation is meant to start at 11:00 AM on the campus Mall. I hope that it will start on time. By 1 PM, I will be a college graduate. After graduation, I thank whoever is coming to see me graduate and then I head over to the Kirchberg house so Alexander and I can celebrate our accomplishments in style!

The next 11 days are going to be filled with large amounts of coffee and diet coke and lacking greatly in sleep but come May 15 it will all be worth it!

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