Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer Part 2!

At the beginning of August David and I celebrated out fifth anniversary of dating. I drove up to Massachusetts to visit him. Our intention for the weekend was to go to a wedding in Maine on the Sunday of our anniversary weekend. We planned to stop at the camp, in New Hampshire, where we had met on the Friday. On Saturday, we were going to Harpswell, Maine to see his godmother/aunt. And then Sunday was the wedding in Brunswick. The weekend did not happen as planned.

By the time we were ready to hit the road for New Hampshire it was dinnertime. Instead of eating at a rest stop we decided to eat with David's family. I looked over at David at one point and noticed that he was barely picking at his dinner. Very odd, especially because he had worked in the sun all day. When it was time to leave David's father gave me a hug. I love his father. He's a very loving man but I can count the number of hugs he has given me. But whatever, we got in the car and started driving.

By the time we had reached the camp it was dark. There was a family camp going on but I had received permission for us to stay in a cabin for the night. We spent a while talking to the program director and then made our way down to the cabin. As we walked down to the cabin he checked his pockets, saying that he was looking for his flashlight. We settled into the cabin and David suggested we go for a walk. I stood outside of the cabin waiting for him, and then we made our way down to the water front.

At the water front we spent time looking at the stars and watching the reflection of the moon on the pond. As we were talking about random things, David starts telling me that he loves me and what I meant to him. But then he said that it wasn't enough. My first thought was something along the lines of "If this JERK took me to New Hampshire to break up with me on our anniversary I will kill him dead!" but then suddenly he was on one knee in the sand with a small box in his hand. He likes to tease me because I apparently did not say yes at first. Instead I kissed him, but because I was still smiling it was more of a clashing of teeth.

We spent that night alone in the cabin being happy and dreaming of our future and calling each other fiance, future wife, and future husband...repeatedly. One of the great or horrible things (depends on how you look at it) about my camp is that there is zero cellphone reception. So the next morning we drove to the next town in order to call people to let them know. We sat in a parking lot making calls. I called my sister first. He called his family to let them know I said there was any question.

We then made it up to Harpswell and spent time with Aunt Nancy, Sandra, and Grandma White. We walked along the beach and We went to see Aunt Nancy and Sandra in the community theater play and actually ended up helping out with stage and lighting stuff beforehand. At the play, we talked to one of Aunt Nancy's niece. Later that night she found out that we had just gotten engaged the night before and was surprised with the amount of confidence we had when we said fiance. :)

On Sunday we had breakfast and then ended up heading back to Massachusetts so I could spend extra time with my future in-laws before I had to head back to New Jersey. We didn't make it to the wedding (Sorry Steph and Mike!). It was an amazing weekend!

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