Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boston Sports Lover

This is a tale of love. This is a story about sports. This is a story where two opposite worlds come together. This is my story ;) <3

Those of you that follow me on twitter, have had your timelines filled up with randomness about the Greatest Hockey team in NHL history. Whether I tweeted it myself or was retweeting someone, there have been a lot of tweets, from me, about the Boston Bruins. In some ways I was raised by my dad. Our love of sports, a love that he instilled in my from an eearly age, brought us together on many an occasion. Whether it was going to Fenway Park to see the Sox live or watching sports on tv, there was a lot of sports in our relationship. I was born a red sox fan and will root for the Sox until the day I die, no matter where I relocate. I have always been a Bruins fan but during college my commitment and love of the Boston Bruins intenified immensly. I will always be a Bruins fan, no matter where I live. In fact, I have plans to go to the NJ Devils Vs. Boston Bruins games while I'm at Princeton cheer on the Bruins. Clearly I have a deep love for sports. I'm a patriots fan and Celtics fan as well, but my love of those two teams pales in comparison to my love of the Bruins and Red Sox.

My love of our Boston Sports teams is evident. As a child I played for the South Boston Soccer teams and the Little League. I was the only girl on my Baseball team. In middle school I played on the school football team. In High School I was the manager for the Boys Varisty Baseball team. I think sports are important. When I have children I plan to encourage them to play sports. Whatever sports they want, but play sports.

I love my boyfriend to death. David means the world to me. We get along amazingly well and we have a lot in common. Sports is not one of those things we have in common. Whereas I am a Rabid Avid fan he could care less. He is a black belt in Karate. That is a sport you do all on your own. That he enjoys. It's team sports that he hates! He hates it when athletes display poor sportsmanship. He hates it when atheletes get away with things that ordinary citizens wouldn't. He hates the amount of money that professional athletes are paid. He hates organized sports. When I turn on the game, he pulls out a book.

At this point David has gotten used to my psychotic fanatic sports love. When I scream and cheer for the Bruins until I have no voice left he just shakes his head and smiles. When I miss out on sleep because the game went late he leaves me to sleep. This morning he listened to me as I explained everything that happened in last night's game and how we became the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions. He tolerated me as I explained why different players were awesome. And accepted it when I declare my love of David Krejčí.

I love Boston sports (emphasis on the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions, the Boston Bruins). I love my boyfriend (David Dickinson). Those two worlds do not go together at all but it works. :)

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